Saturday, September 8, 2001


 This is an untitled poem I found in my 14-year-old journal that I think still applies today. I  copied the spelling and grammar exactly. First written September 8, 2001

Like a turtle, egg, or snail
I also have a shell
When I first meet people, my shell is closed
That’s why people think I’m quiet, I supose

But if people are kind and full of fun
I emerge a little, into the sun
If I’m included in activities
You’ll see how open I can be

I’m sorry it takes me a while to come out
That’s what I do when their’s strangers about.
Give me a while and I’ll come through
Ready to spend more time with you

My shell isn’t as thick as it seems
A small conversation can break through the seams
I hear and observe things when I do not speak
Though emerging scares me, I may come out with a leap.

One little warning before I stop,
I can easily come out of my shell with a pop
But I also go back inside
To a lonely place where I can hide.

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