Thursday, March 4, 2021

Book Recommendations, March 2021

 Here's a few books that I've read, enjoyed, and reviewed over the past few weeks:

Cry Wolf: A Tale of Beauty and the Beast by Jacque Stevens
I loved the wolves, and the love interest was absolutely adorable. The villain is truly chilling, and the twist from his point of view was expertly done.

Stormy Weather by Ranaildo Timms
This is a memoir about marine boot camp. It's way outside my usual genre, but I enjoyed this brief foray into someone else's point of view.

The Marked Princess by EP Stavs
An excellent fantasy that starts off an exciting adventure series.

The Jaguar Drum by Fenton Kay
A historical fiction about the Mayan people that gave a fascinating new voice to an ancient people.

The Valentine's Date Mistake by Cassandra Shiels
A cute romance between high school teachers. Since I'm married to a teacher, I enjoyed reading him this one out loud

Facing the Sun by Carol Beth Anderson
An excellent fantasy book. I loved the world-building, especially how it was based on a matriarchal system.

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