Wednesday, March 23, 2022

My first story

I've been writing stories my whole life. I've managed to save my very first fictional story, from when I was in second grade. It's not exactly quality material, but it's cute.

(Translation below). 


I just love animals, and worms, snakes, and Ryan. I love the names Mery, Ramon, Jonothin, and Flowers. One day at the zoo, Mery said, "I see a big dog!"
"A big, big dog."
"I am going home."
"No! No no no." I shout. 
"I am going on my skateboard," said Ryan.
"No. I will spank you."
"Mom, no!"
"Yes! I will."
"I see you. You are trying to go home."
The end.

(I am the mom in this story, Ryan was my crush, and Ryan Jr. was our imaginary child who didn't want to join in the family zoo trip).

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