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Human Discovery

This information, written in the style of a textbook, provided backstory for the Spectra Books.

Hundreds of years ago, the first year according to our calendar, human explorers landed on the gentle beaches of our land, in the region of Lectranis known as Hunan, or Human Landing. They found good farmland backed by the Shield Mountains, with the rich prairies of central Lectranis to the south and the great deserts of Nomelands north and west over the Shields. Those first explorers called the land Vesspucia, though even now they argue over whether it is a large island or small continent.


Further explorations revealed the rich variety of climates across our land. They sent colonists, who built a new town at the first landing place, a home base from whence other parties could set out to explore. They soon ran into their first Spectra. The Lectrans treated them well, interested in their culture and new materials they had brought with them, but other clans were less friendly. The humans were wary with every clan, and rumors flew, with strange words like ‘magic’ and ‘witches’. Violent conflict began, and after many years, the Spectra went into hiding and all but disappeared from human awareness.


Spectra written history begins from this point. While the Spectra did have a system of runes, painted onto rocks or carved into trees, the humans introduced a more comprehensive written language, and paper for portable records. Within two hundred years the Spectra language had all but died out, and only a few scholars could read our runes. The Spectra also adopted the human calendar and began counting years, starting from the year humans landed on our land. Thus, when we say the Spectra went into hiding in the year 22, we mean that it took place twenty two years after human discovery.


Carli's letter

 Letter from Scarlett Kelvin to her sister Ash, fall of the year 225

This letter served as backstory for The Spectra Unearthed (Keita's Wings book 1), and is later found and read in The Spectra Upended (Keita's Wings book 5). Scarlett Kelvin, Carli for short, is a major character in several Keita's Wings books.

Dear Ash,

I hope someday I can see you and give you this letter. When you left, you told me you were going to fix things so I didn’t have to go through with the same things you did. Well, you’re too late. I would have run away like you if Dad didn’t have me watched so closely. The summit wasn’t so bad, just boring. The other heirs were okay. At least the girls. I didn’t hang out with the boys much. It turns out that Dad wants to match me up with some guy I haven’t even met. He’s a Cole like us, but his parents are the Muse rulers. I didn’t even know that was possible. I haven’t heard anything bad about him, at least. I don’t know if you’ve heard about it, but the kings came up with a nasty way of making sure we do what they say. They fixed these chains to our wrists so that everybody knows we’re “claimed” (ugh!). I’ve tried everything I could think of, but I can’t get mine off. The marriages aren’t supposed to happen for a couple years though. When you left you said I wasn’t old enough to come with you. Well, I’m older now. Will you come back for me?

Love, your sister, Carli


Zuri's journal

 Journal Entry from Azura Neried, fall of the year 225

This story serves as a prequel for The Spectra Unearthed. Zuri is a major character of the first three Keita's Wings books.

September 30

I sure wish I brought this journal to the summit, because so much happened and I’m not sure I can remember everything. I was so excited last year, even though I was sad too because that was right after the accident and I felt like I was taking Cass’s place. This year I was just excited to see G again, but he didn’t even come! At least I got to meet his sister. She’s nice, but she was quieter than I thought she would be, from G’s description. I guess she was just worried about the matching, and I can’t say I blame her! I can’t describe how scary it was, just sitting there waiting for the rulers to get to the point. But they did. And now for the best news of all… Momma chose Glen, and his dad said yes! I couldn’t believe it! I mean, Momma knows I like him, and she said she’d try, so I wasn’t super surprised, but I did worry. Keita—that’s G’s sister—said I couldn’t be matched with Lectrans or Nomes or Coles. I didn’t get how she knew but I was relieved. That Nome was really creepy, and the Lectran seemed awfully stuck up. The Muse prince was okay. Keita’s dad picked him, and I think she’s glad but she won’t admit it. The Cole princess Carli was nice, once we got to know each other. Her dad picked a guy who wasn’t even there, Brian (the Muse prince)’s brother Griffin. She was kinda nervous about that but we ganged up on Brian after and made him tell us all about him (Griffin), and he didn’t sound so bad. I get to go visit the Sprite kingdom in a few weeks and I’m really excited! I’ll remember to bring my journal this time.

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