Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Zuri's journal

 Journal Entry from Azura Neried, fall of the year 225

This story serves as a prequel for The Spectra Unearthed. Zuri is a major character of the first three Keita's Wings books.

September 30

I sure wish I brought this journal to the summit, because so much happened and I’m not sure I can remember everything. I was so excited last year, even though I was sad too because that was right after the accident and I felt like I was taking Cass’s place. This year I was just excited to see G again, but he didn’t even come! At least I got to meet his sister. She’s nice, but she was quieter than I thought she would be, from G’s description. I guess she was just worried about the matching, and I can’t say I blame her! I can’t describe how scary it was, just sitting there waiting for the rulers to get to the point. But they did. And now for the best news of all… Momma chose Glen, and his dad said yes! I couldn’t believe it! I mean, Momma knows I like him, and she said she’d try, so I wasn’t super surprised, but I did worry. Keita—that’s G’s sister—said I couldn’t be matched with Lectrans or Nomes or Coles. I didn’t get how she knew but I was relieved. That Nome was really creepy, and the Lectran seemed awfully stuck up. The Muse prince was okay. Keita’s dad picked him, and I think she’s glad but she won’t admit it. The Cole princess Carli was nice, once we got to know each other. Her dad picked a guy who wasn’t even there, Brian (the Muse prince)’s brother Griffin. She was kinda nervous about that but we ganged up on Brian after and made him tell us all about him (Griffin), and he didn’t sound so bad. I get to go visit the Sprite kingdom in a few weeks and I’m really excited! I’ll remember to bring my journal this time.

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