Monday, October 3, 2016

My Mother Loves People

 My mother loves people

the way people love chocolate
or kittens or movie theaters.
She smiles, meets their eyes, learns their names,
and speaks with sunshine in her voice.
Her easy words would be wrong on my tongue.
I love people differently.

I see a stranger. I prepare to speak
What if they are offended?
What if they feel obligated to listen
when they are bored, uninterested, don't care?
Perhaps I should not risk
their happiness for my desire to connect.

Any words may give awkwardness, offense, even pain
but if I offer love
people can choose which to receive.
So I smile, meet their eyes, learn their names,
try to put Mother's sunshine in my voice.
The words are not easy but I practice, I try
because we love people,
my mother and I.

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