Friday, May 7, 2021

Book Recommendations, May 2021

 Every once and awhile, I get a Kindle Unlimited subscription. It's ten dollars a month, so I'll get it for one or two months at a time and support as many indie authors as I can.

I read quite a few this month. Here's some that I particularly enjoyed:

Vesta Colony: A realistic scifi adventure with relatable characters. I enjoyed the "talent" abilities.

Lies of the Haven: A portal fantasy (sort of) with fae, magical creatures, and a twisted conspiracy.

Namesake: I especially loved this one! A modern girl goes back in time and has to ensure that her nation will be created.

Dragon School and The Brindle Dragon: By different authors, these two have short books in a long series. Both are about a disabled girl becoming a dragon rider and saving their world.

A Beautiful Curse: I've read several of the Entwined Tales, fairytale retellings with the main characters all siblings, but this was my favorite. It's the Frog Prince, and I loved the banter between Ellie and Prince Cambrun.

Sister To Beauty: In this historical retelling of Beauty and the Beast, the beautiful younger sister is the vain one, while her practical, plain older sister becomes the hero.

The Cowboy and the Girl Next Door: I love Janette Rallison's books, so I had to give this one a try. I loved the ranching details mixed in with the contemporary romance.

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