Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Manny's art

 Here is a journal entry from Norma (one of the main characters of DreamRovers) about an artist who really knew what he was doing:


April 16, Year of Freedom 491 

My friend Manny and I solved the problem with the traitor, Natt. 

Oh, not the problem about how to punish him, because he got away. We don’t really have good jail places that would keep a dreamrover in. He disappeared one of the very first nights. But not fast enough, because I brought my friends to look at him before he escaped, including my friend Manny. 

See, Manny’s a dreamrover, but not strong enough to tread. He’s got a different ability instead. Like my brother can speak with animals. Manny is super good at drawing. Not just that his drawings look good, although they do, but if he sees something, he can draw it perfectly from memory. It’s not that uncommon an ability—I met quite a few artist-types when we lived in Shelby. Still cool, though. And in this case, it came in handy. See, there are so many people here now that not everyone recognizes Natt on sight, so he can sneak around and spy on them without anyone knowing who he is. But not now that we have a really good picture of him! We can show everyone. 

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