Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Book Recommendations: Kindle Vella

 This month, I've been sampling books on kindle vella. Readers can read the first three chapters for free, so I've been sampling a wide variety to decide which ones I'll continue reading (authors get bonuses based on reader interactions, so this still benefits them, especially when I leave a 'thumbs up'). After the first three, chapters typically cost around 25 cents each. Here are my favorites so far (most are fantasy, clean romance, or a mix of the two, because that's what I enjoy).

Land of 10,000 Dates: Romantic comedy about a young woman who can't claim her 3 wishes from a genie until she makes time to date.

A Forest of Stolen Memories: Romantic fantasy about a young woman who loses her memories, right as she's about to marry an apparently perfect prince.

Hatched: A romantic fantasy about a dragon-raiser struggling to keep her family farm afloat, until an illegal egg hatches.

Provoking Fire: A fantasy about an orphan hidden away, who may be able to save the world. By and about a woman of color, so an excellent choice for the Own Voices movement.

The Legend of Black Jack: A fantasy about a young orphan who rises from modern poverty to fantasy legend. Very well written.

The Last Firn: This author writes some steamy content, but this story is a sweet fantasy romance about a young lady chosen to create an alliance with a neighboring kingdom.

Rise from Ashes: This urban fantasy has an X-men feel. People with abilities are locked away "to keep the public safe", until their prison is attacked.

Sculpting Fables: A romantic fantasy which places a Cinderella retelling in Ancient Egypt, complete with time travel. 

Kalevala's Song: A romantic fantasy about a young genie with an abusive father, and the young minstrel who falls in love with her.

And don't forget to check out mine, pretty please!
The Seventh Clan: a romantic fantasy which places Beauty and the Beast during a Revolutionary war.

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