Saturday, January 29, 2022

Book Recommendations for January 2021

 Here are some books I've read, enjoyed, and reviewed this month:

Lost in the Pacific, 1942 by Tod Olson makes me think of "I Survived" for grown-ups. It's both informative and entertaining.

The Not-So Chosen One by Tamara Grantham reminds me of the Pixar movie Onward, with a previously magical world turned ordinary by technology.

Chalk It Up To Love by Jenny Rabe is a cute romance with chalk drawings, flowers, and strangers refurbishing a house together.

Just One Wish by Jeanette Rallison. I expected cute characters from Jeanette, but I did not expect the depth and questions about life and God, or to cry. A girl goes on a quest to fulfil the wish of her little brother with cancer.

I've also sampled a few stories on kindle vella. Readers can read the first three chapters for free, and they also get 200 tokens to start. After the first three, chapters typically cost around 25 cents each. Here's some that I've enjoyed this month:

Pride: Falling Storm by Ellaura Shoop is about a lion, leopard, and cheetah in the style of Erin Hunter's Warriors series. My teenage self would have been ecstatic to read this series, and I'm still enjoying it. Also available as a book.

Champlain Dreams by S.A. Vader is a thriller, not my usual genre, but I've enjoyed the first three chapters so far.

The Queen Trials by Penelope Wright is a dystopia about a miner trying to improve her life by taking place in the queen trials.

The Ivory Labyrinth by Cady Hammer reminds me of a cross between Hunger Games and The Maze Runner. It's a fascinating YA Dystopia so far.

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