Thursday, December 1, 2022



You know what really makes a writer's day? 
Getting feedback from readers! Writing is such a strange form of communication. We bare our hearts on a page, yet rarely do we hear whether or not we've reached anyone. I try to leave reviews for all of the books I read, especially smaller authors.

I recently got this feedback from a reader of the DreamRovers books:
"This fantasy was epic in its telling and had me enthralled by the first page. The first thing I admired was the descriptions of the dreams themselves... The story itself is quick-paced and action packed with the thrilling plot twists one would expect in a masterful work. I especially enjoyed the young outlaw Walker's character arc. I've always had a soft spot for novels featuring multiple point of view characters that are fleshed out with intertwining plots."

Thanks so much to this reader for reaching out!

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