Saturday, January 28, 2023

Book Recommendations February 2023


Here are a few books that I've read recently and recommend:

There are two books out in this series now, and I love both. It's an exciting paranormal adventure, but the main hero is the middle-aged mom! I know quite a few of us who still love the YA book style, even if we aren't the target audience any longer, so it was so much fun to be represented in a book like this! Not to mention the action, how seemlessly the fantasy world fits into our reality, and a hero who can be protective and secretive, yet also respectful. 
I laughed out loud. I grinned while reading most of this book. I read snippets to whoever happened to be nearby. Funny, heart-felt, exciting, full of literary allusions, clever, and oh so human, I love everything about this book.

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