Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Sneak Peek: The Seventh Clan

 I'm working on The Spectra Crown Tales. Here's the beginning of the first book, The Seventh Clan:

Perrin picked up a loose bayonet from the wreckage of a burnt-out farmhouse. The Vangtons had destroyed yet another family. He wiped the ash from the metal with shaking hands. One day, his people would drive the intruders across the sea. He only hoped he’d contribute to the cause. 


The barking command made him jump. His messenger’s bag flew around him in an ungainly arc. General Niles himself stood behind him, stern and stiff, and only someone who knew him well would see the pity under the lines of his face. He held out a tightly folded message. “Deliver these orders for Captain Prentis, on guard duty at the beach.” 

Perrin set down the bayonet and forced his hands to stop shaking as he accepted the paper. “Yes, sir.” 

He couldn’t contribute until he became a soldier instead of a glorified errand boy. The inability to act left a taste in his mouth worse than the smoke-filled air. 

“Stay safe!” General Niles called after him. 

Perrin rolled his eyes and pretended he hadn’t heard. The general never gave ordinary soldiers a command like that.  


This story is now on Kindle vella, which means you can read the first three chapters completely free. 

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