Thursday, October 28, 2021

The Revolutionary War: Origin of The Seventh Clan

 I've always been particularly interested in the American Revolutionary War, probably starting from 4th grade when we reenacted the battle of Yorktown. We got to throw kleenex balls dusted with chalk at each other, and "die" if they left a mark.

When I was working in a food court at college, sign-ups went up for a talent show. Everyone signed each other up for ridiculous things. My coworker signed me up to do a one-person reenactment of the Civil War. I told them I'd do it if they changed it to the Revolutionary War.

I did it. I wore a red jacket (half-inside-out) on one side and a blue on the other. Then I switched back and forth between armies with each turn, acting out the whole thing. I am rarely that hyper, but somehow that group brought it out of me.

So I guess it made sense that I'd turn to the Revolutionary War to inspire my latest project. The Seventh Clan started as an idea for a single volume that followed up on the Keita's Wings series, twenty years later, concerning the relationship between Spectra and human.

Later, I combined it with another idea I'd had stored, of using a single large family to portray fairytale retellings. The Seventh Clan had aspects that fit in nicely with Beauty and the Beast.

Now The Seventh Clan is available on Kindle Vella!

You may not have heard of Kindle Vella. It's a fairly new platform where books are published chapter by chapter (or, as they put it, "episode by episode"). The first three chapters are always free. After that, you buy "tokens" which you can use to unlock the next episodes.You can get roughly 8 episodes for $2. 

One of the exciting features of Kindle Vella is the author's note at the end. The author can leave tidbits or fun facts about where the story ideas came from, and interact with their audience in a way that other platforms don't have. You can also leaves thumbs-ups and crowns/faves (for paid chapters) as well as more usual reviews.

So, if you're interested in checking out The Seventh Clan, you can read the first three chapters for free on Kindle Vella. I'll be updating weekly, aiming for Thursdays. Once the whole book is up (and after a 30-day-window), I'll publish it as a full book

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